Homes By Limo

How Our Home Showing Service Works

Want to experience a luxurious new way of touring homes for sale? With Paul Schafranick and the Scuttina Signature Real Estate Group you will receive a luxurious home touring experience like no other. Let us take you on a luxury home touring journey to find the perfect home! We will pick you up with our Limo Sprinter!

The Scuttina Signature Real Estate Group is proud to offer clients a private, customized home tour in a Mercedes Limo. Clients of the Scuttina Signature Real Estate Group will have door-to-door service as they search for the perfect home. Pulling from extensive market knowledge, Scuttina agents can offer their insights while en route to a listing. They can answer questions and point out nearby gems while being driven by a personal chauffer ensures nobody has to text and drive.

Paul Schafranick, a Scuttina Signature agent, explains how he had the idea to include complimentary luxury transportation for his clients: “I’d be driving to a showing in my car, and my clients would be following behind me in their car,” says Paul. “Along the way, I’d be calling or texting them with details about the neighborhood and local attractions as we passed them.” He came to realize that it would be far more comfortable for everyone if they just rode together. “It’s just less stressful when you don’t have to worry about directions and traffic,” says Paul. “Instead, you can pay attention to the most important details and ride to your dream home feeling like you’re in the cockpit of a private jet.”

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